M&C Saatchi was formed in January 1995 by Jeremy Sinclair (Chairman), Bill Muirhead, David Kershaw (Chief Executive) and the brothers Maurice and Charles Saatchi.

Audit Committee

Since the 14 July 2004 float, the Group has operated with an Audit Committee, whose terms of reference cover the points recommended by the Code.

The Committee comprise four Non-Executive Directors, Colin Jones (committee chairman) Gareth Davis, Lisa Gordon and Louise Jackson; and is attended by Finance Director Mickey Kalifa; Chief Executive David Kershaw and the auditors as appropriate. Details of committee’s remit and work it has performed in year can be found in latest Annual Report.


Nominations Committee

In view of the size of the Group, the Nominations Committee is only formed when needed. Nominations Committee comprises of Non-Executive Directors, Gareth Davis, Lisa Gordon, Louise Jackson and Colin Jones, using head-hunters as needed.

What we do

We are a global marketing services business working across a wide variety of industry sectors with a strategy focused on winning new business and starting new businesses.

The strategy is carried out by our 2,597 staff, employed in over eighty business units run by local entrepreneurs who are regularly in touch with their local stakeholders and head office.

Remuneration Committee

The Group has a Remuneration Committee. The Committee comprise Non-Executive Directors, Louise Jackson (committee chairman) Gareth Davis, Lisa Gordon and Colin Jones. Details of committee’s remit and work it has performed in year can be found in latest Annual Report.



PwC were appointed as the Company's auditor on 4 November 2019.

Corporate governance

The M&C Saatchi plc Board comprises four Executive and four Non-Executive Directors. The Board manages the Group's affairs according to the schedule of matters reserved for its approval, including the financial statements, acquisitions and disposals, authority levels for expenditure, and reviews of monthly and other management reports.

The Chief Executive and Finance Director regularly meet shareholders and their representatives. The whole board is available to shareholders at the AGM.

M&C Saatchi plc follows the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code. The Board regularly reviews the Group's Governance structure and disclosures, making changes and improvements where necessary (last review 16 September 2019).

M&C Saatchi plc is registered and operates in England and Wales, registration number 05114893.